Federal Employee Professional Liability – Plan Details


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  • Any obligation for which the member or any carrier as his insurer may be held liable under any workers' compensation, unemployment compensation, disability benefits law, or other similar law.
  • Damage arising out of willful violation of a penal statute or penal ordinance committed by or with the knowledge or consent of the member, or damages arising out of acts of fraud committed by or actual intent to deceive or defraud.
  • Liability assumed by the member under any contract or agreement.
  • Bodily injury arising out of ownership, operation or the use of any land motor vehicle designed for use principally on public highways, including any apparatus attached thereto, or any aircraft or watercraft.
  • Damage to property owned, occupied by, or rented to the United States Government or member, property used by the member, property in the care or control of the member or as to which the member is for any purpose exercising physical contact (not applicable to property or persons in custody or property under lawful control.
  • Any liability for hazardous substances, including asbestos.
  • Bodily injury or property damage resulting from accidents caused by nuclear materials.

Additional Information

Federal Employees Risk Management Association (FERMA), LLC is the group policyholder of this professional liability insurance program. FERMA is a Washington, D.C., registered association and limited liability company that makes available voluntary risk management products and services, other voluntary benefits, and educational services to federal employees. Starr Wright USA acts as FERMA’s program administrator.